and became well again, without medication…

and is willing to share his story — would you want to listen?

The choices Ramiah made to change his life and “Clean Up His Act
can be utilised
by anyone to regain control of their health and happiness.

It’s so simple.


Expanded and Updated to include  the most recent research on how to get a better night’s sleep, how animal-based protein is required for detoxing and how depression is the culmination of series of negative thoughts that create a victim mentality – regain your personal power.

Utilising plenty of images to help convey information, you will discover

  • That you create your own reality through your thoughts; both negative and positive
  • How you think reflects your choices, which impacts significantly on the health of every cell in your body
  • How to adjust your thoughts through simple actions; from a depressive downward spiral towards an uplifting positive future
  • How the most important organs in your body should work and why they probably don’t and what you can do about it
  • How some of the most common foods eaten today have a negative impact on your body and mind, making you feel chronically fatigued
  • How you are just three simple steps away from creating a better future
  • How to regain control of your health and create the future you want

Written in simple, easy-to-understand terms so anyone can can take control of their Health, Wealth and Happiness and improve their situation

I observe so many people suffering uncomfortable symptoms of ill health, succumbing to perceived diseases and trundling off to the doctor for medications to relieve their symptoms.

Then they continue with their inherited lifestyle habits (food, thoughts & exercise) only to begin weight gain and maybe eventually diagnosed a few years later with devastating diseases like Crohn’s Disease, colitis, celiac, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), leaky gut syndrome, diverticulitis, parasites, diabetes, inflammation, cirrhosis of the liver, heart disease, depression, dementia, symptoms of chronic fatigue syndromes (CFS), arthritis, skin rashes or bowel (colon) cancer.

It doesn’t have to be this way! Clean Up Your Act discusses all of these issues!

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Written for the lay-person to easily understand, this 280+ page book is packed with useful information which may help change the direction of your health, especially if you are disillusioned with the profit-driven orthodox medical system, as I am!

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After watching his parents die of cancer and chronic illness, and surviving five seizures of his own, Ramiah was looking at a similar prognosis. Ramiah conducted extensive research, took responsibility for his health and made changes in food, supplements, thoughts and exercise. Ramiah has been able to turn his health around to watch his children grow up and enjoy his grandchildren in the future, which was unlikely to happen before making these changes.
Find alternative answers from someone who has actually been there.
By investing between $13 and $30, you could save yourself a great deal of money, effort and pain (not to mention time) through reading Ramiah’s easy-to-understand logic and natural solutions, whilst enjoying his tongue-in-cheek Aussie humour.
Ramiah wants to guide you towards making small, manageable changes in your lifestyle by following a simple process to cleanse your colon, detox your liver and control your weight. It is easier than you might think and won’t cost you heaps.


Just wanted to say THANK YOU!
I am currently reading your book and LOVE IT!!!! My sister and I met Shakti at the Mind Body Soul Expo in Sydney. She was so helpful and took the time to talk to us and teach us about toxins that live in our body. My mum was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer (stage 3 – 13 cm tumour) two years ago and like Shakti always had bowl/stomach issue and was a lover of the artificial sugar “Sugararine” which she had in her tea 8-10 times a day.
My mum did chemo but introduce a new diet – organic (started growing her own veg), drinking only spring water and have daily fresh veg juice. I have also given her this book to read and she too loves it we have also purchased the two other DVD/books you have recommend. It’s been two and half years since mum was diagnosed and she is still well and cancer count has stayed down. I really believe that this has save her life!!! By changing in diet as well as educating herself and the rest of the family how important our diet is. She is currently enjoying being a grandmother of two baby boys.

Cheree – Sydney NSW, Australia

Ramiah’s book is GREAT! I’ve hardly been able to put it down! It’s so relatable, easy to read and great information. I am nodding the whole time agreeing as we believe exactly the same about Big Pharma and good diets etc.

Kym – Biggera Waters Qld, Australia

I have been reading Ramiah’s book. I have enjoyed it so much.

It is so well written, so informative, it really is a great source of info, and through real experience!!! Inspirational, so much I can say. Thank you.

Ale – Upper Coomera Qld, Australia

Just thought I’d let you know that I think Ramiah’s book is fantastic. In my opinion it is up there with the China Study! The time and work he must have spent on gleaning all the information is monumental.

Thank you so much for it. Like Ramiah, I also flick through a book and read what is of particular interest, and then go back and start reading it from the beginning. Thank you again for all the helpful information. I am looking forward to sorting my body out as my stress levels have been high for quite a few years now.

I won’t know myself when I start to feel good again. Thanks again and have a lovely Sunday.

Silvia – Brisbane Qld, Australia


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